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USCIS Gives Answers on New Security Measures for Document Delivery

New Clarification on USCIS Delivery Policy

In late April this year United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that by the end of that month it would begin utilizing the USPS "Signature Confirmation Restricted Delivery Service" for the mailing of green cards and other secure documents.

USCIS Document Delivery

As contained in the April 27th announcement, USCIS stated that:

"As part of the new delivery method, applicants must present identification to sign for their documents upon delivery. They also have the option to designate an agent to sign on their behalf by completing the Postal Service's PS Form 3801, Standing Delivery Order (PDF) or PS Form 3801-A, Agreement by a Hotel, Apartment House, or the Like (PDF). Applicants can sign up for USPS Informed Delivery to receive delivery status notifications. Applicants will also have the option to arrange for pickup at a post office at a convenient date and time by going to the USPS website and selecting 'hold for pickup.'"

In response to questions regarding the new policy, USCIS has also released the following clarifications: 

  1. The person to whom the package is addressed will need to show identification whether it is the applicant, a legal representative, a family member, etc.
  2. USCIS will follow instructions to mail secure documents to the attorney of record if the applicant checks the appropriate box on the G-28.
  3. If mail is sent to a designated law firm, the staff member receiving the mail must be designated by the addressee.
  4. If mail is sent to a courier service for a law firm, the courier service receiving the mail must be designated by the addressee.