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Undocumented Business Owners Under U.S. Immigration Law

While any undocumented immigrant is subject to deportation, whether or not it is illegal for such an individual to own and operated his or her own business is a more complicated matter, and one that has not been adequately addressed.

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California: The Golden State Becomes a "Sanctuary State"

Of the emergent issues since the presidential campaign of 2016, the status of so-called sanctuary cities are among some of the most politically volatile. With the coming of 2018, California has taken the next incendiary step of becoming the country's first sanctuary state.

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Know Your Rights: Dealing with ICE

"Felons, not families," were words once used to describe America's platform confronting undocumented immigrants. Now it seems that just about anyone may be targeted. That is why, if you are a vulnerable immigrant within this nation, it is absolutely essential that you know your rights should you ever find yourself in a fateful encounter with ICE.

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